RMA Oregon is a full service management company located in the heart of Portland.  We pride ourselves in understanding the rental market in the Greater Portland Metro area.  With almost 30 years of experience, we have a proven individualized action plan for success.  By focusing on each owner's specific needs, RMA Oregon can help you achieve your personal financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you advertise available properties?

We utilize both internet and physical marketing resources to reach the maximum number of potential renters. The property will be advertised on our website, Craigslist, vFlyer, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Backpage, Oregonlive, as well as other third party rental listing sites. We also place signage at the property. When applicable, we place local ads at colleges as well.

Can you prohibit pets/smokers?

Yes. We can prohibit pets, with the exception of certified care animals. However, pet owners consist of a large portion of potential renters. Allowing pets could result in renting your property out much quicker. When pets are allowed, we collect an extra pet deposit to ensure financial coverage if pet damages do occur. Owners can also choose to have final approval of pets.

All of our properties are smoke free. We can prohibit smoking on the property.

How do you screen tenants?

We use a professional screening company that does a thorough background check to ensure we place quality tenants in your home. They look at the tenant’s rental history, employment, financial credit, and criminal background. All adult tenants are subject to the background check. We prefer to take the time to find a good tenant for your rental home, rather than risk financial and physical damage to your property that can come with placing a bad tenant too quickly.

When will I receive my monthly financial statement?

Within 15 days after the end of the month. (You would receive January’s financial statement by February 15th.)

When will I receive my money each month?

By the 15th of each month.

Is the owner present at the move-in and walk through?

Generally, no. As a full service property management company, our professional leasing agents take care of all aspects of the move-in and walk throughs.

Do you use one year leases or month-to-month?

We use a combination of both. With most properties we use a one year lease. Sometimes the owner will request month-to-month for various reasons. At times it can be advantageous to go from one year lease to month-to-month. We always seek to keep your property rented and reduce vacancy time.

What happens if I want to sell the property during the course of agreement?

We do not charge any break contract fees (unlike other property management companies in the area), however we do request you give our company 60 days notice and honor terms of any lease that is in affect.

Will I get called in the middle of the night with emergencies?

No. One of the benefits of working with Realty Management Advisors Oregon is that we take care of middle-of-the-night emergencies. As a full service property management company, we have after hour emergency contacts that tenants can call for maintenance repairs.

Who does the repairs on the properties you manage?

We hire independent contractors and negotiate the best rates for you. Many property management companies use “in-house” maintenance services, where they can tack on extra costs for their own profit. We do not up-charge the contractors rates, but pass the great savings on to you. You will receive a detailed account of every cost down to the last nut and bolt.

What do I need to provide in the rental properties?

We will tour your property with you during the set up stage to discuss any specific improvements that may need to be made to make your property rental ready.

However, basic requirements include having proof of insurance for the property and working electrical, heating, and plumbing. The property should also have a stove, refrigerator, and locking doors and windows.

How long will it take to get my property rented?

The vacancy period can vary greatly depending on the season, as well as the property, pricing, and location. We run a thorough advertising campaign and are available to show the property to potential renters 7 days a week. When you are not making money, we are not making money. Getting your property rented as quickly as possible is as important to us as it is to you.

Do you collect first and last month’s rent?

We collect first month’s rent, a refundable security deposit, and a pet deposit when applicable.

How am I protected if the tenant damages the property?

Thorough background checks lessen the frequency of damaged property, however even good tenants can damage property. We first collect for the costs of damages from the tenant’s deposits. If that is insufficient we assign the tenant’s account to a collection agency.

How much will my property rent for?

This depends greatly on the market, size, location, and the condition your property is in. We will discuss the rent range with you during our free rental analysis. As your property manager, we conduct thorough rental comparison studies every time your property becomes vacant to ensure maximum profits on your investment. For a free rental analysis, please call us at 503-224-6956 or fill out the form below.